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We help you create small changes that produce big impact!

Do you lack clarity on where are you going in life and at work? on how to be more productive? You have come to the right place. Productivity Voice is where you will find ideas on personal productivity, business, technology and more. I have learned that small changes done consistently and together produce big impact.

Productivity Voice is designed with you in mind. We invite you to come here and play with professionals looking to take their lives, careers and businesses to the next level. We encourage healthy discussions of different personal productivity concepts ,  and combined with the intellectual capital here on Productivity Voice will help you create small changes that produce big impact!

About Augusto Pinaud

I’m so glad you’ve found Productivity Voice and joined me here on this productive journey called life. I’m Augusto Pinaud, and after a successful career in sales and a few side hustles (as a best-selling author in five countries, coach, writer, and entrepreneur), I’m writing my own job description today  connecting invisible dots for people and organizations. Let me explain….

It is through the art of observing and connecting invisible dots that I have been able to be a success-driven sales and business development manager. Many of my professional sales achievements are in highly technical, competitive, and international markets. I have been able to deliver consistent and sustainable revenue gains and profit growth through innovative strategies and solutions. I excelled at negotiating and securing highly-competitive contracts with C-level decision makers and I have been committed to delivering win-win results for my customers and company stakeholders.

Fast forward to today, I now use my observations skills to help professionals and executives  connect their own set of invisible dots. I coach people on how to find the hidden signals among the noise, how to rediscover their own common sense purpose, and how to be more productive in their life and work by committing to the impact of their results.

Being bilingual (in Spanish and English), I come with a deep understanding of how cultures work, and sometimes don’t in today’s multicultural, remote workforce.

I look forward to getting to know you here on Productivity Voice, through your reading of our content, from my coaching services, or however we connect on our mutual productivity journey.