Book Mention: Much Ado About Marshals

This is the first time I read a romance novel set in a western environment. I am around technology all day, and read this story remember me how easy (or much harder) certain things were.
Putting that aside, the story is compelling, I found myself laughing more that I expected, the main characters are funny, especially with Daisy one of the main characters, and even that many of the things kids this day will google and answer, it was really nice to see how the author work had on remind us of those simple times.
This is a fun story, and. Should read!
Much Ado About Marshals
FIVE STARS from Detra Fitch, owner of Huntress Reviews!
“A hilarious, yet romantic, comedy of errors… I grinned. I frowned. I worried. I sighed from tension relief. I snickered at Bosco’s romantic troubles with two widows. I often found myself laughing until I thought my side would split… this story grabbed me by the throat, kept me reading long past my bed time, and earned a place of honor upon my Keeper Shelf. Unforgettable! I cannot recommend this title highly enough.”
Publisher’s Description:
Daisy wants to be a detective just like dime novel heroine Honey Beaulieu. But her parents insist she marry. What better solution than to marry the new marshal!
Cole, mistaken for the new marshal, faces a dilemma few men have to face–tell the truth and get hanged, or live a lie and end up married. Either way could cost him his freedom.
Jacquie Rogers is a former software designer, campaign manager, deli clerk, and cow milker.  She writes romance in three sub-genres: western historical, fantasy, and contemporary western.  She’s owner of the Romancing The West blog and co-founder of the popular 1st Turning Point, where authors teach, share, and learn about marketing and promotion.  She wrote Nail It! The Secret to Building an Effective Fiction Writer’s Platform series with Ann Charles and they’re currently working on.  Jacquie’s current release is Much Ado About Marshals, a humorous western historical romance.
Contact points:
Email: [email protected]
Excerpt from Much Ado About Marshals
Copyright © 2011 Jacquie Rogers

1885: Oreana, Idaho
“Yes, he’s definitely the one.” Her sweet tone belied her accusation. Most robbery victims wouldn’t be so cheerful. Was he in jail? The aroma of sagebrush and alkali had been replaced by tincture of iodine, so he could be in the doctor’s office.
“Fits the description exactly.”
Cole’s hopes sank at the lady’s certainty. While he’d never had a doubt he and Bosco would be caught, he’d hoped to make it back to the ranch to set things right. And the lady didn’t have to sound so damned happy about it.
“You’re sure about that?” a man’s voice asked.
“Well, Doc, he’s tall, so he matches the six-foot-two height, he has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and he’s wounded on the right leg just like the wire said.”
Cole hoped that at least Bosco had made it to the ranch. He was goodhearted, a loyal friend, but not all that quick on the draw.
“Yes,” the lady continued, “he’s our new marshal, all right.”
New marshal? Hell, he was wanted for bank robbery! This didn’t seem exactly the right time to mention it, though.
“Good,” the man named Doc responded, “then I’ll bill the city for his care. The wife will be happy to hear I finally have a cash customer.”
“You don’t have a wife.”
The doctor chuckled. “No, Miss Daisy, but I’d sure like you to change that.” “Not a chance,” she teased.
They both laughed, but Cole knew how the doctor really felt. Some men were born to be alone.
A cool cloth smelling of borax mopped his forehead. He forced his eyes to open. He blinked a couple of times and focused on a beautiful woman, her brow wrinkled with concern. “Come here, Doc,” she said with quiet enthusiasm. “He’s awake.”
Cole heard water pouring as he stared at the lady who belonged to the sunny voice. Her green-eyed gaze bathed him with compassion and reminded him of sunset on Sinker Creek, where the rays glanced off the rapids, and the rippling of the water made a man’s heart feel pure.
He wondered what she’d look like if he loosened her auburn hair that was pulled tightly into a bun. She was a beauty, all right.
A slight man dressed appropriately for a doctor, or an undertaker, rubbed his brown handlebar mustache while he mulled over Cole’s condition. “His color’s much better, Daisy, don’t you think?”
“I’ll go tell Dad that he won’t have to rush over here for the marshal’s last prayers.” She pulled on her gloves and tossed a cloak over her shoulders.
Damn, a preacher’s daughter. What a waste of womanly flesh.
“Look for him at your Aunt Grace’s house,” the doctor advised. “When I picked up the wire telling us the new marshal was riding in, Rayburn told me that your sister had just come home. Seems like some yahoos tried to hold up her bank–put quite a scare into her, too.”
Daisy clapped her gloved hands to her cheeks. “Oh, no! Is Iris all right?”
“She’s fine,” replied the doctor, “but I hear one of the would-be robbers is somewhat worse for the wear. She claims she shot one.”
“Oh, my!” Daisy picked up her parasol and reticule. “I’ll get over there right away. She may need me!”
Cole’s throat tightened as Daisy hurried to the door. She’d put two and two together as soon as she talked to her sister.
“God works in wonderful ways,” she exclaimed triumphantly as she unlatched the door. “It’s a miracle that our new marshal showed up when he did.” She swept out of the room like a queen.
Stay calm and think. So Daisy’s sister was the woman who’d shot him. What lousy luck. He had to get the hell out of here.
Especially since Miss Daisy thought he was the town’s new marshal.
He didn’t even know what town.

Book Mention: Perfect Copy

Judith Gaines make you wonder on Perfect Copy if you will make it or not. You get into the shoes of Brina, a person that had recently loose husband and kid, and take Roman a especial 4 year old kid. The problem is that Roman is especial in a different sense, in ways that Brina couldn’t even imagine.
When I began reading the book something happened that didn’t fit, subtle, but it didn’t fit I was mad that I didn’t see more but happy that I noticed, since I am aware that for many people will be invisible.
This is a nice read, I had fun, there was a lot of tension and it was fast paced. I am looking forward to read more works from Judith Gaynes in the future. In the mean time read here the blurb of the book, and stop in Amazon or SmashWords and grab your copy. The only thing I wish is that the book will be available in Paperback so I can send it as a present to a couple of people that doesn’t have readers. (I know, but there is people that had not yet discover the great thing on ebooks)
If you want to read the first chapter, you can get an excerpt from Amazon or Smashwords, or go to
The General Information:
4 Year-old Roman is more than a copy of his genetic donor.  He is better, enhanced and terrifyingly linked to a murderer.  When is perfect too perfect?  When it’s Mathew Roman.
Perfect Copy is a recent #2 Best Seller in Thriller-Suspense on
Twitter:  @jpg_writer
Judith Gaines wrote her first short story at age 10 and continued crafting words together ever since. After 9 years in broadcast news, she turned her storytelling skills to marketing and advertising. Today she is a successful Media Producer with screen credits as Producer for the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes and the WUSA’s Carolina Courage Coach’s Shows. Her debut novel, Perfect Copy is available now at

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