Is Resistance having the best of you?

I found the Resistance concept (yes, Resistance with capital R) the first time on the book TheWar of Art of Steve Pressfield and I have been fascinated by it for the longest time.
Also for the longest time, Resistance has been getting a lot of times the best of me. I am a Writer. Yes, I do a lot more things that just write. I am a Business Development Professional and a Best Selling Author that enjoys Connecting Invisible Dots for People and Organizations. That’s a long title, but it is what I do.
I wish to tell you that I battle with Resistance only on my writings, but the reality is that I battle against resistance in everything I do. Resistance is Self-Sabotage at his best.
Resistance has had the best of this blog. Resistance has had the best of my next book. Resistance has had the best of me many times.
The Good news is that you can try again and by trying again you may have a chance to beat Resistance at least today.
Today I beat you! See you tomorrow.