Evolution Of The Desk (1980-2014)

I saw this in video originally on makeuseof and made me think a lot about the evolution to #iPadOnly. Later on the Producers BestReviews contact me asking me to put the correct link to their video and of course give them the proper credit, that they so deserve.
Check it out:
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Thanks again to BestReviews for allow me to do the right thing! The video is incredible

TIP #268: Bring Stuff so your kids can be distracted

Sometimes you go outside and kids are simply dificult. We have two, so we know something about it. We had also learn that sometimes it is not that the kid it is difficult but that, we, the parents, didn’t bring anything to get the kids distracted.
My daugther could get distracted really easy, but our son, he need an special effort. The better our selecton of toys, the longer he will be distracted and that in general it is not really long.
Bring stuff for our kids to get distracted sound logical and still it is one of those things that parents failed to do often, and then we complaint about how poorly our kids behave.

It is possible to be #iPhone6+Only?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to be #iPhone6+Only as much as it was possible to be #iPhoneOnly for a while. We had not been the first people to go #iPadOnly and to do things with the iPad or the iPhone as the Main Machine.
In 2012 Patrick Rhone wrote his book ”Enough” just using his iPhone and the iPad. Patrick had constantly mention that he works on his iPhone constantly, even more than what he sometimes uses his iPad.
The reality is that for many people their iPhones are their main machine – they just don’t know it, but it is the computer they use most often – and as their main machine the new big screen on the iPhone 6+ will allow you to do even more, more comfortable.
In my initial play with the iPhone 6+ I really got fascinated. The size makes the typing on the iPhone even better. I can’t type (at any decent speed) on Portrait Mode on my iPad (even that Portrait is my favorite position if I am using a keyboard) what creates that if I am not going to be off a table and it is something short, I will pick the iPhone over the iPad.
Based on the initial tests, with this screen I will be even able to read better and write faster, that are two things that really I am interested in. I think the device will play an important role in my arsenal of technology when arrives. I understand that in my ear looks really big, but I rarely pick the phone, I usually use the headset, so that part doesn’t bother me at all.
Since the iPad came into the market we have read about this or that device that it is going to kill the iPad, that it is going to make the iPad obsolete, but so far no one had accomplish that mission. I think that for the first time such device exist for all those users that need to use a Laptop in addition to their phone, there is really no need to use the iPad. For everything else you will use the computer (and if you have a Mac you will use continuity that based on my beta tests is amazing!). If you are now #iPadOnly the story may play differently.
I think that for many the iPhone 6+ it is going to be the device that will kill the iPad, for many this is the first device that will create that addiction that the Blackberry created many years ago. The device is amazing.

The question is if It is possible to be #iPhone6+Only?

There are people that will be able to do it, without any issues. I particularly don’t see myself going that route, but without a doubt I see myself carrying the iPad much less in favor of the iPhone 6+, specially when it is a short trip in the city.

TIP #267: Block Time to Read

We don’t notice that certain things don’t happen in our life for no other reasons that we don’t block the time to do it. What to read more?, block time to read, so you are aware that it is time to read instead of go to the TV.
I tend to read a lot, but I have also certain times in the week that are blocked for reading, it is basically an appoinment with me and a book. In difficult weeks, I cherish that appointment.
Are blocking time to read? Why no?

TIP #266: Plan the simple things

We tend to think and plan for the big things, the things that we think are going to need a lot of time or that are going to be really important, and some times becasue of that we miss plan the simple ones, the ones that even when aren’t that important will make you smile, will make you happy.
I like my car clean (I don’t do it myself) but I have learn that I should have a reminder every couple of months to schedule and take my car to be clean. Make me smile until the kids make a mess the next time they jump in the car.
Are you planing the simple things? or are you only planning important ones?

TIP #265: Aways carry your reading material

I mentioned this tip in my book 25 Tips for Productivity and it is something that I had always surprise me when I am waiting somewhere I you see people looking to really old magazines – or even better playing angry brids or something like that. Most of us had so much to read, that if we are more diligent we can always carry something to read.

If you like electronic Reading you can use applications like Instapaper or print the material or tear appart the Magazine that you want to read.

I like Instapaper, been using it for a long while now and allow me to access the documents from my iPhone or iPad and read, store, and even share interesting information that I collect in the web.

Are you reading old magazines? Catching up with the birds? Should you be reading better stuff?

iOS8 Issues – Please excuse my rant in advance, but sometimes I don't get it…

Please excuse my rant in advance, but sometimes I don’t get it…

While I updated my iPad to iOS8 I was working on the Mac, I was writing some text into Pages and when the iPad was done, I simply trust that iCloud was going to do its job. I upgrade my iPad, upgrade to iCloud Drive but the document wasn’t showing… I went back to the Mac thinking that I shut down too fast, but as I open Pages I found this message…


Seems like if I want to use iCloud Drive in the Mac I need to use Yosemite… that will be fine, except that it is in Beta…

I am #iPadOnly, I email me the file and forgot about it, but I question what happen with the people who had come to count on iCloud and use their Mac as main machine… It feels that they will go to 1990’s carrying a Pen Drive, or move back to DropBox until Apple gets its ducks in a row…

End of the rant… we can continue working – unless you don’t have Yosemite and are waiting for that iCloud Document to sync.