I try. I failed.

Failure it is part of life. Failure in a certain way it is even good, at least it is good if you can learn from it and move on. When we had our kid early this year I was sure that with enough methodology and organization I was going to be able to maintain the business, write more books and be as productive as I was back then. I tried. I really did. I failed. A massive failure.
As much as I love to have my son and daughter around, I miss some working time, quiet time, loud music time. I miss be able to work for longer than an hour without interruptions. I miss have mental space. It is because of that that I choose to send my son to a small daycare at the same time that my daughter is at school so I can give me some space to work and accomplish the stuff I am working on, that it is simply getting behind by the hour.
Sometimes we forget that we are humans. That there is only so much we can do. That Focus time is so important. It is not a matter of more hours working, it is a matter of work the right amount of them with the ability to focus and concentration.
Even that I failed, I am glad I try it, I am glad I discover once more, that I have limits, because it is this kind of information what allow me to be even more productive.

Be a Writer is easy

At least that what some people who had never tried to write a book think. Ernest Hemingway use to say:

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Seems like an easy job, you sit for long hours looking at nothing, drinking coffee and listen to music. (at least I do)
It is perfect. Until you begin the writing process and even when you are dying to bleed and the story to come nothing happen, the words don’t flow, there is no idea creation and the only thing that there is around you is an empty cup of coffee and a page in blank.
Write is easy, being a writer is easy. Many times I have said that I don’t believe that there are many writers by choice but by need.. It is hard to pick a profession in which you fight against your fears daily, alone in a room while society thinks that you do nothing all day and that they will be able to create in less time and less effort more than you… the interesting part is that they have not done it… and probably never will

Going to the HomeScreen on #OmniFocus 2 on iPhone in One Click.

If you have played with the new OmniFocus2 for iPhone, I am sure you have found some stuff that works great, and some that you may or may not be convinced yet. If you use a lot of multilayered contexts, or even folder and subprojects you can find yourself deep into in OmniFocus and to return to the HomeScreen you are required to click many times… Unless you use this little trick.

When you are on any screen if instead of click on the back arrow to get to the previous screen you simply click and hold the click you will end up automatically in the HomeScreen.

Simple, and somehow magical.