GTD Weekly Review – Accountability and Support Coaching

How often you think during your weekly review it will be useful for you to have someone to text. Someone that could help get unstuck? How often you skip your Weekly Review because no one will ever know? “if I can just get through this week I’ll be okay,” and the next week you feel just as out of control or worse? How often you doubt during your weekly review? How useful will be to have someone to ask questions during your weekly review? Now it is possible. I believe that with proper support you CAN increase the impact and consistency of your Weekly Review and increase your productivity in your own terms.

Working together, I will:

  • Text you at the scheduled time for your Weekly Review.
  • Be available via Telegram for the following 90 minutes to answer questions, coaching you regarding your weekly review, help you get unstuck and give you ideas on how to make your weekly review better and more consistent.
  • Simplify your routines so you can focus on the work that counts.
  • Teach you how to leverage your technology to enhance your work.
  • Help you create the consistency that you need so you can reap the benefits of a multi-week weekly review.
  • $200 cover one Weekly Review per each Week on the month. Partial months will be prorated. There will be no credit for Missed Weekly Reviews.

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll email you an invoice for weekly review accountability and support coaching monthly package. You’re getting closer to effective, weekly reviews already!