The Impact Journal

As a person that have had many years working, interacting and sharing on the world of Personal Productivity and as a Productivity Coach one of the things that I have noticed is that people fail to reach their goals because they simply do not know where to go. Most people plan once and hope to get there, and what happen is that they get pushed by life, by events, by their reaction to things. This journal was created in order to help people to keep themselves on track. Yes, you need to come and work on it daily. Morning and Night. It is hard. Yes! But also it is something that after a while you get to work and accomplish amazing things. It is not complicated. The results are simply amazing. In the next pages I will explained to you how to use it, but do not think it is the only way, make it yours, dream with it, grow with it. I wish you luck on your Impact Journey.

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#iPadOnly — The first real post-PC book. How to use only your iPad to work, play and everything in between.

This book is a result of our experience of using iPads as our main machines for over a year now. We believe this to be the first real post-PC book. 

We show how we use our iPads to work, play and everything in between… and how much fun we have in the process. 

The best part: you can do the same.

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4:00 A.M. A Productivity Argument

As you will discover in these pages that I begin testing the idea of waking up at 4:00 A.M. out of desperation and frustration, I never expect to find two full hours of focus and concentration.

In my experience (guess what I used to do too) this is what people do:

Wake up Running, Run to Work, Run at Work, Run to Home, Deal with Family Routines, Hope Family goes to bed, Work on your most important stuff.” 

We have done it for generations, and it is wrong. We should: 

“Work on your most important stuff so we don’t need to run to work, at work, to home and instead of dealing with family, enjoying family” 

When you think about it makes sense to do your most important stuff first, but for some reason we do it last. To accomplish that, you need to switch your pattern, I did it, and the experience was fantastic.

Think about the following: When was the last time you got two hours of Focus Work?

(My answer is this morning, at 4:00 A.M.

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If you are like me, you have probably read that you should learn to say no to others in order to increase productivity. This is a very good idea, but it is not enough.
In my opinion, there is more than one type of NO that we should learn to use. There is one we should avoid, one we should learn to use appropriately, and one that we need to use.
We don’t know how to use this word appropriately with ourselves or with other people. The result is that we end up saying NO when we should say YES and YES when we should say NO. Only when we learn to use NO correctly with ourselves can we apply it to other people.
My intention is to show you the distinction between the three types of NO and your adventure will be learning to use them properly.

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25 Tips for Productivity

The book you hold in your hands was conceived while talking to a couple of friends who were struggling with productivity and writing. I wanted to share with them the tricks and tips that I have used over the years, that have made a big impact in my life and the life of those that have applied them.
I wrote this book hoping that you, the reader, might learn a thing or two (maybe twenty-five) that will help you excel in the game of life. I hope you find a gem in these pages, I hope one of these tips will help you in some significant way. If you do give this book to someone that you think will benefit from these tips, they may be forever grateful.
This book was a way for me to pay forward, to those that have helped me over the years improve my game, some of you are mentioned in this book, others, whose influence was just as strong are not mentioned by name, but to you all I am equally grateful.

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Hannah Fisher is hired to make Rafael Hungría’s government unstable. Her
job is simple. Kill off the cabinet that backs Rafael Hungría.

Her Job get’s complicated when John Weed gets involved. They may have
never actually met, but their lives were connected by someone several
years prior to this event. The result is a fast paced novel, full of
surprises, twists and turns that will change Hannah Fisher forever.

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The Writer

George Mason published the three books that made him famous. His secret is that he never wrote any of them, and when a fourth one shows up he decides to destroy it. That generates an adventure of intrigue, crime and mystery. George runs to look for the missing clues putting his life and the life of those around him, in great danger. Will George succeed or be the protagonist of a fifth manuscript?

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