Day 2 – 12 days of Christmas! Ebook Edition

Today is the second day of the Indie Book Collective book blowout!
For the next twelve days you can enjoy many books for just 99¢ each.
You don’t need a Kindle to read them, Amazon has a Kindle App for almost any platform including Mac and PC.
Everyday there is a group of feature authors, and more titles that what you can begin to imagine!
Today’s Featured Titles:
Featured YA Titles

The Legacy of Kilkenny – Devyn Dawson
NoahZark – D. Robert Pease
Born a Refugee – Dixiane Hallaj
Bandits – LM Preston
Nate Rocks – Karen Pokras Toz

Featured Mainstream/Literary/Historical Titles

The Color of Heaven – E.V. Mitchell
Jockeys and Jewels – Bev Pettersen
Looping for Love – Ginney Etherton
Driving to Bel Air – William G. Jones
The Cahokian – Zoe Saadia

Featured Science Fiction and Fantasy

Doodling – Jonathan Gould
Plato’s Gateway – Brian Jeffreys
Fezariu’s Epiphany – David M. Brown
Timepiece – Heather Albano
Excelsior – George H. Sirois

Featured Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Rook – J.C. Andrijeski
Vampire Vacation – C.J. Ellison
Secrets – Liz Schulte
Wanted – Amber Scott
Alone – Marissa Farrak

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Hannah Fisher is hired to make Rafael Hungría’s government unstable. Her
job is simple. Kill off the cabinet that backs Rafael Hungría.

Her Job get’s complicated when John Weed gets involved. They may have
never actually met, but their lives were connected by someone several
years prior to this event. The result is a fast paced novel, full of
surprises, twists and turns that will change Hannah Fisher forever.

Available on…

Book Review: The Muir House

Welcome to my site. Pardon the dust, we have been moving boxes around, launching a new book (or getting ready at least for Monday December 5th and more)
I hope you have been enjoying this tour, and making sure you stop in all the different places, you should have come from Rachel Wojnarowski page, otherwise, make sure you stop there. After you read here, make sure sure you go to tomorrow to Ivan Bickett site.
Now to the Review…
Secrets… Secrets…  Many people have them, most people do their best to keep them that way, secrets are supposed to stay that way, until they don’t anymore.
But this story is not only about the secrets, even that, you will hunt the secret with Willa for a long time during the novel, but more to find home, the real home.
There was one thing I really enjoy about Willa, her determination, after she decided that she need it to discover the truth, uncover the secret, fill the void, she did not stop, she look for it, and hunt it down. That’s most likely the most important lesson of this book, and one of the reasons I enjoy this very much.
I enjoy reading this book, the story allow you to move forward, to hope that Willa answer all those questions, make you think, laugh and cry. Each chapter give you a clue, and make you feel one step closer.
This is one of those books, that will make you think about your life, while I don’t had Willa’s life, it make me think on my own, on the good things, on the things I miss, and the secrets that were kept from me over the years.