TIP #83: Scanning with the iPad (and the iPhone)

Need to scan a document? Have an iPad (iPhone, Smartphone?)
The cameras of our tablets and smartphones this days are so powerful that the biggest problem you will have is going to be the shacking that your hand is producing.
I remember those days that Scan a document in order to fax it to the approbate person was something so complicated and expensive. I remember when I got that really cool and super portable NeatScan that fit in by bag and could scan one page at the time.
I have an application called ScannerPro that will take the picture and allow me to fax or email directly from there.
Try it, look for an scanner application and test it. You will love it.
i.e. If you are an user of Evernote, you can send it to Evernote and it will apply OCR to the file. Easier to even retrieve the file in the future.

TIP #82: Keep it Simple… or not

I think life is complex enough for us to go around making things more complicated than they need to be. I believe that if you focus on keep things simple you will have more time to do other things and enjoy life.
The problem is that simplicity is something relative. What for me is simple, for you may be over simplistic. What for me may be simple, for you may be complex.
Think about process, actions, and things you do that are complex for you… Spend time thinking how you can make them simple; for you.
You don’t need to do anything, that’s the reality. You don’t even need to try to make anything simple. Until one morning you do. That day, remember to keep it simple.

TIP #65: The Podcast Cleaning Tip!

This is something that someone said and I can’t recall who or when or where. Cleaning is not one of those activities that I enjoy, honestly if someone can do it for me, please don’t stop. I would love to have someone cleaning after me constantly.
The problem is I don’t have it. If you are like me, pick your favorite podcast (or more than one) and only listen to them when you are cleaning.
Read that line again. Listen to your favorite podcast only when you are cleaning.
The idea is to do something that you really enjoy during that thing that you really don’t. It works!
i.e. Second trick on this, only clean during the podcast, if the episode is 45 min clean that time, if it is 67, well clean that time too.