Weekly Review Accountability Party (WRAP) Wednesday Night Edition #1 (11-13-2019)

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We are GTDers looking for greater accountability to setting aside time to perform our Weekly Reviews. This is a weekly event where you can join other GTDers who are doing their Weekly Reviews.

Also, check out this episode of ProductivityCast, Episode 045, “Weekly Review: Getting Things Done (GTD),” via https://productivitycast.net/045 or your favorite podcast app!


1) Show up at the time of the Weekly Review Accountability Party (WRAP). We use Google Meet (https://meet.google.com/dre-rswh-cyi), a video meeting application, to host this WRAP; you need to use the link provided bellow to connect with the group…it’s free for you to do so.

2) Start your video, say hello to the group, mix and mingle before we all get started.

I suggest, if you haven’t done so before, complete the GTD-Q to know where you are at: https://gettingthingsdone.com/gtd-q/. (I do this before every Weekly Review to help me track how well my system is keeping me in the C&C quadrant. You may not wish to do this weekly; that’s OK.)

I will walk everyone through a quick introduction of the Weekly Review, we’ll introduce ourselves briefly, and then I’ll mute everyone’s microphones.

3) Start your Weekly Review. Please stay muted as not to distract others, but stay on video for accountability.

We allot two hours for the event, but some will do their Weekly Review in more time, some in less time. If we get to two hours and you’re still working on your Weekly Review, that’s fine. The host will end the Zoom, but you should keep going to complete yours!


  • Introductions (while the numbers are reasonable)
    • Name
    • Profession
    • Where are you connecting from (city/state)
    • Successes
  • Set the stage
    • Set yourself up for a quality Weekly Review: Music, beverage, snack, and all tools and resources needed for the review. Consistency is key here, too.
    • Optional: GTD-Q.
    • Optional: Do a quick mind sweep to capture any loose thoughts you need to come back to after your review, or into your inbox for this review
  • Weekly Review Checklist
  • Check-ins (Every 40 minutes – Clear. Current. Creative.)
  • Announcements
  • That’s a WRAP!
    • Continue your Weekly Review if you’re still working on it even when we disconnect from Google Meet!

Again, Google Meet URL link is: https://meet.google.com/dre-rswh-cyi

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The Impact Journal

As a person that have had many years working, interacting and sharing on the world of Personal Productivity and as a Productivity Coach one of the things that I have noticed is that people fail to reach their goals because they simply do not know where to go. Most people plan once and hope to get there, and what happen is that they get pushed by life, by events, by their reaction to things. This journal was created in order to help people to keep themselves on track. Yes, you need to come and work on it daily. Morning and Night. It is hard. Yes! But also it is something that after a while you get to work and accomplish amazing things. It is not complicated. The results are simply amazing. In the next pages I will explained to you how to use it, but do not think it is the only way, make it yours, dream with it, grow with it. I wish you luck on your Impact Journey.

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The Tale of two browsers

I have mentioned and shared what I called “The Tale of the two Browsers” in many places. From my book “25 Tips for Productivity” to my TEDx Talk. Still, consider one of those things that most people can implement.

What it is “The Tale of the Two Browsers” you may ask, it a simple productivity tip that most people that use the internet can use and get instant and immediate benefits if they decided to begin using it.

Basically, I recommend that you use two browsers. One for work. One for Play.

I came to this many years ago when my job moves from software-based to more and more browser-based. I noticed that my productivity simply was not being the same, but I could not pinpoint the issue. One day I noticed that many of the tabs I had open had nothing to do with work (even that I was technically working), so begin to try to pay attention.

The interesting thing was that I wasn’t aware of how easily I was getting distracted on no work-related browsing. I was aware that going back to software wasn’t going to be a solution so I need to get a simple answer.

I also was aware that if I tried to limit myself it was going to fail. Most of my browsing time-wasting was unconscious. The solution was to keep one browser for work, one for play.

I decided to pick Google Chrome for work and Apple Safari for play. The rule was simple, it was not about not browsing, just browsing on the right browser. at the beginning was challenging to see the difference, but every time I catch myself playing on Chrome, I simply copy the link and move to Safari and vice versa. Nothing complicated.

Soon I train myself to simply work in one place and play on the other. The effects of that simple trick over the years had been simply fantastic. I have both browsers on every device, my iPhone, my iPad, and the MacBook at the office.

Have you ever consider using one browser for work and a different one to play? Why not?

002 On Writing Productively – ProductivityCast

Writing productively is as much a skill as it is an art. And, you probably find yourself writing more today than you might think. When it comes to being productive, your ability to write well is of paramount importance. In this episode, Ray and Augusto discuss how they approach and the tools they use for writing productively, and hopefully it gives you some perspective on your writing and productivity.

Learn more and listen to the episode on the link bellow

001 Welcome to ProductivityCast

Welcome to ProductivityCast, the weekly show about all things personal productivity. In this introductory cast (episode), we discuss our reason for launching ProductivityCast and what you can expect from ProductivityCast going forward as we grow and change the podcast to your (our listeners’) needs. Enjoy! Give us feedback! And, thanks for listening!

Learn more and listen to the episode on the link bellow

About ProductivityCast

This is the new project I am involved. It is called Productivity Cast, The Weekly Show about all things Productivity

About ProductivityCast

Several years ago, the idea of ProductivityCast was born, as a personal productivity podcast show to discuss topics longer than two minutes or lessRay Sidney-Smith invited Augusto Pinaud to be his co-host, and so they decided to start the ProductivityCast show.

ProductivityCast is an opportunity to discuss personal productivity in context, interviewing experts, highlighting popular as well as scientific literature, discussing technology’s effect on getting things done, and debating important topics.

Augusto and Ray will bring you weekly shows with our panel of regular contributors, which includes currently Francis Wade and Art Gelwicks.

Is Resistance having the best of you?

I found the Resistance concept (yes, Resistance with capital R) the first time on the book TheWar of Art of Steve Pressfield and I have been fascinated by it for the longest time.
Also for the longest time, Resistance has been getting a lot of times the best of me. I am a Writer. Yes, I do a lot more things that just write. I am a Business Development Professional and a Best Selling Author that enjoys Connecting Invisible Dots for People and Organizations. That’s a long title, but it is what I do.
I wish to tell you that I battle with Resistance only on my writings, but the reality is that I battle against resistance in everything I do. Resistance is Self-Sabotage at his best.
Resistance has had the best of this blog. Resistance has had the best of my next book. Resistance has had the best of me many times.
The Good news is that you can try again and by trying again you may have a chance to beat Resistance at least today.
Today I beat you! See you tomorrow.

Thinking Time and Planning Time.

Productivity per se don’t need to be something really complex, and actually it is not, a soon as things begin feeling complex you are most likely already not-productive. Of Course, Productivity isn’t easy either, and it isn’t mostly because we insist in make things more complex than they need to be.
Take your list of projects and tasks. How easy is for you to know what you need to do? How about what you can to do in the current context? How about what you can do now that the meeting is cancelled and you have an extra two hours of working time?
It is not difficult, but need two things, Thinking Time and Planning Time.
You need thinking time because you need not only to find what it is what you really need to do, because you are most likely like every one around you, overwhelmed. That means that every step you take need to be a precise one if you want to really take control over the stuff you need and want to do. The busier you are, the more thinking time you need, because you need to make sure that the step you will take it is really the best possible step.
You also need Planning time. You will ask: How is Planning Time different from Thinking time? Planning time has two parts, one is the result of that thinking, and are those actions that you will take to move those important projects forward. It also has a second part that includes taking in consideration the things that can happen, the things that will change from your original planning and how are you going to reach to them.
For example, if you get behind, do you know what are you going to drop out of your planning schedule? If you get a meeting cancelled, do you know what you are going to do in that time?
Planning Time will include not only what you will be trying and hoping that you will accomplished but also what will happen as time pass if you get more or less of it.
Most people when they got a meeting cancelled instead of use that time to move forward their most important project, they run to Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t plan for the chance that somethings get cancelled (and others take longer than expected) you can’t be in the top of your game…
You need not only Thinking Time, that for many of the people I work with is almost non-existent, but you also need Planning Time, to be able to really get the most out of your Thinking Time. Planning Time it is no other thing that getting your Thinking Time in movement, is making sure that you are putting your thinking time in action and adapting the result of that thinking time to the constantly evolving conditions that your working environment and schedule produce.
If you don’t pay attention to the Planning Time because you don’t even have time to do the Thinking Time, what happen is you miss those opportunities that will have done a difference, those opportunities that can actually change the world.
Originally Published on: Sep 29, 2014 @ 17:15 http://www.conqueringproductivity.com/?p=205

Evolution Of The Desk (1980-2014)

I saw this in video originally on makeuseof and made me think a lot about the evolution to #iPadOnly. Later on the Producers BestReviews contact me asking me to put the correct link to their video and of course give them the proper credit, that they so deserve.
Check it out:
click here to see video
Thanks again to BestReviews for allow me to do the right thing! The video is incredible