Are you ready for Tomorrow?

I ask myself that question every night. Are you ready for tomorrow?
Before I got to bed I like to leave all the stuff I may need for tomorrow ready. I have over the years create a checklist that I revise before actually go to bed, just to make sure I am ready.
There is nothing worse that leave something for the next morning and then the next morning happen. You know, you wake up late, or discover that you don’t have this or that or the printer is not working or you are out of coffee or milk.
All this can be avoided simply be checking the night before. I sit in my office between 4:00 and 4:30AM to work. I love to work at that time, but I have learned that in order to get the most out of that there are a couple of things that need to happen. First I need to leave my desk ready. If I get to messy desk, I waste a lot of precious quiet time. I make the point to leave my desk ready the night before if I wish to be productive at that time, otherwise I simply waste those hours.
I also get my breakfast and my daughter lunch box ready. If I don’t have breakfast when I wake up what happen is that I need to choose between making breakfast and not working or skipping it (that it is what usually happen) and then I get cranky and hungry in the middle of the morning. When that happen, I never make good food choices, so I try to be careful about it.
Are you ready for tomorrow? Do you have a check list? How you get ready?