TIP #64: Learn to Type

I had mention this so much, that I sometimes think I am annoying about it. I have wrote posts about this, I mentioned on my book 25 Tips for Productivity. I had mention this in podcasts and interviews and to anyone that had been around me long enough.
Studies said that we type more than 50,000 words on a year. (I am not talking writers, I am talking people that simply email and chat and do Facebook), that means that if you are an average person that type 20 words per minute (go and test yourself, there are plenty of free places to get tested and to learn how to type) you spend almost 42 hours typing a year. Imagine for a moment that you work hard and learn to type 60 words per minute. (Trust me, it is not that fast and not hard at all) Now you will be doing that same typing in less than fourteen hours. Guess what you just gain 28 hours for the next year (2.33 hours a month. What cool activity are you going to do there)
i.e. I get ask why I mention this so much, and the reason is simple. When I went from 20 to 40 words per minute was incredible. From 40 to 80 words per minute was something magical. Now that I write over 100 words per minute, I can write in the little amount of free time that I get much more than what I dreamed possible when I was simply typing with two fingers.

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Augusto Pinaud

Augusto Pinaud es Coach de Tecnología de Productividad Bilingüe, Especialista en Nozbe Teams. Augusto trabaja con dueños y gerentes de pequeñas empresas, ejecutivos y profesionales en productividad, tecnología y mejora de procesos utilizando una variedad de tecnologías de productividad.

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