Book Review: My name is David Cole

I just finish: My Name is David Cole. This is the first novel of Jon Souza and you can find it on Amazon, on paperback as well as the Kindle.
I had the honor and privilege to meet Jon Souza on my day job, and had the opportunity to talk to him about this book, before I read it, but this was an unexpected treat. I had cry, jump, get exited and visit wonderful places while reading this book, I honestly had a blast, and was sad that it ends.
The Book tell you the story of David Cole (I think you can guess that by the tittle), the story has romance, adventure, sadness, parts that are hard to read, because they are so sad, intense and controversial, but all done in a great narrative. I am one of those people that run from Religion and Politics, books and discussions, but I was impressed on how well this book handle the religion topic, I actually find that the perspective was really well done, without a doubt will open your eyes, and make you reflect.
This is not a fast read, because will make you stop, think, and continue reading, but not once, during the time I read the book, I wish I had not began reading it, I wish I had more time to read more.
After I finish my book, I sent a couple of copies to friends, and I hope Jon write the a second book, I will be there to buy it a soon as is available. I also wish him the fame and success of Sheldom Kramer, only the success.

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