The Rules of MY game

People that know me think that I am extremely disciplined, here is the truth, I am not. I am a mess, I just had ben lucky enough to learn about rules, and set rules for myself, that has allow me over time to move forward.
Long time ago, I create a Checklist that was called “The Rules of MY game” The idea of this list, was to define the rules of a game I could win, the game of life. Life defined in my own terms. Over time, I also create 2 more lists, the “AUGUSTO’S DO NOT DO LIST”
When I begin with the “The Rules of MY game” list the objective was to be able to define a game that I could win, I was a mess, I actually continue being a mess, I am just a controlled mess, because I have set rules that allow me to be a controlled mess.
This is the current version of my list:

The Rules of MY Game

  • I operate in a highly productive and efficient way.
  • I am respectfully nice.
  • Silence means I’m OK with what’s going on.
  • I practice what I preach.
  • I bring joyful engagement to my work and my live (aka I have fun!)
  • I focus my energy where it produces the most value.
  • I am not a fire-killer. I am a prevention specialist. I do not manage problems; I work on system-improvements and system-maintenance in order to prevent the problems from happening in the first place
  • Problems are gifts that inspire me to action. A problem prompts the act of creating or improving a system or procedure.
  • I use a personal organizing system that is always at hand. I prioritize, schedule and document. The system is always up-to-date and I use it all the time
  • My environment is spotless: Clean and ordered, simple, efficient, functional.
  • I am deadline-obsessed. If someone says they will finish a task or a project by a certain date and time, then that person is committed to a deadline. I honor the deadlines I made, and respect them.
  • I study to increase my skills. A steady diet of reading and contemplation is vital to my personal development.
  • “Complete” means complete. “Almost” or “Tomorrow” is not “complete”
  • I spend one hour, at least four times a week, Creating Extraordinary Work. Extraordinary Work, is work that will matter in 10 years.
  • I don’t use the iPad on the Desk at work, the iPad is a mobile tool, not a tool to work at your desk. Writing on Evernote, doesn’t count as work for the effects of this rule
  • I don’t do data entry on the iPad, unless is super light or I am traveling, otherwise I use the Mac

Have you ever consider on setting rules for your Own Game, or you play by others set of Rules. Have you ever consider that is easier to win a game you can define?

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Augusto Pinaud

Augusto Pinaud es Coach de Tecnología de Productividad Bilingüe, Especialista en Nozbe Teams. Augusto trabaja con dueños y gerentes de pequeñas empresas, ejecutivos y profesionales en productividad, tecnología y mejora de procesos utilizando una variedad de tecnologías de productividad.

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