TIP #76: Tell someone you are grateful that they are in your life

When was the last time you told someone you care about that you are grateful they are part of your life? You don’t know what’s happening with that person today, and telling them that, can not only make their day better, it can completely transform it.
We all have people that we are grateful that are part of our life, and somehow time pass and we don’t tell them how much we appreciate the fact that they are in our life, that they make our life’s much better.
When we take the seconds that will take you to write that note, email, or text message, you may be changing the course of someone’s day, even week.
Don’t believe me, I wish someone that it is grateful that you are in their life let you know today.
i.e. If you just read this, Thanks! I am grateful that you came here and read this. You are the reason I show up daily.

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