TIP #83: Scanning with the iPad (and the iPhone)

Need to scan a document? Have an iPad (iPhone, Smartphone?)
The cameras of our tablets and smartphones this days are so powerful that the biggest problem you will have is going to be the shacking that your hand is producing.
I remember those days that Scan a document in order to fax it to the approbate person was something so complicated and expensive. I remember when I got that really cool and super portable NeatScan that fit in by bag and could scan one page at the time.
I have an application called ScannerPro that will take the picture and allow me to fax or email directly from there.
Try it, look for an scanner application and test it. You will love it.
i.e. If you are an user of Evernote, you can send it to Evernote and it will apply OCR to the file. Easier to even retrieve the file in the future.

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