TIP #87: The Daily review. Get your perspective some perspective.

It’s not a secret that I do a daily review of my system. I check the actions, cross stuff I had finish. Notice if there is things coming my way and what to do about them.
The goal if this short revision is to provide me perspective, and be ready for the day ahead. The first thing I do is get perspective. I write down what had my attention. I read my 12 to 18 months goals. Then I go to my Contexts.
Those two previous steps, change everything. Not only that, when the flow of stuff hit me soon after that (email anyone?) I am clear on what are the priorities and how to react to the new inputs. (and I hope more often than not appropriately)
i.e. I had say many times, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will do. Read your goals, otherwise any action will be potentially as good or as bad for those. Stop hoping and begin moving with solid steps.

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