I have been a like missing in action. Sadly, I have not been writing as much as I should, I have been busy with things that should not entertain my head, but do, things that bring me to a dark place, a deep place that it is hard for me to get out.
I get the fear, the lizard, the resistance, writers block, doesn’t matter how you call it, the fact is that is a place that slow you down little by little until you simply freeze.
I have been in that place for longer that I am willing to admit, (see my last post for ideas) and this time has been harder to come out of this place, the reason, more fear, a bigger lizard and a lot of resistance, I am afraid, not what will happen if I failed, but what happen if I am successful, what happen if the success take away the time to do what I enjoy, or worse, that take so much time that I will don’t have time to do the other stuff.
I am confronting the fear, and I am working on get myself out of the deep and dark place, I hope you can see me tomorrow here, and little by little celebrate with me the getting out of this place to the new place I need to be.

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