TIP #5: UNPLUG Saturday

No one can eat Beans and Rice seven days a week (neither steak and fries), so why do you think you can consume an unlimited amount of information seven days a week. Pick a day (mine is Saturday) in witch you will not consume media. No web articles, no books, no seminars, no new inputs, no email. Sport athletes rest at least once a week. You should do the same. Pick a day and declare it UNPLUG DAY.

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Augusto Pinaud

Augusto Pinaud es Coach de Tecnología de Productividad Bilingüe, Especialista en Nozbe Teams. Augusto trabaja con dueños y gerentes de pequeñas empresas, ejecutivos y profesionales en productividad, tecnología y mejora de procesos utilizando una variedad de tecnologías de productividad.

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