TIP#26: Have you read your 1 to 2 years Goals lately?

The reason most new year resolutions failed is because people don’t write them down and don’t read them (review them) often enough. Loose weight is not a goal. Weight 200Lbs so I can get a new jacket or begin using Large size instead of XXL is.
The same thing happen with 1 to 2 year goals. Many people don’t write them down. The ones that do, write generic stuff and little details. After that, they don’t check the list again. Later they wonder why they can accomplish them.
If you are using directions to go to someplace you had never been, you need to check the map often. Goals works the same way, if you don’t check them often, you forgot, you begin making decisions that instead of bringing close to them, take you in different directions.
i.e. I have in my system a reminder to check my goals bi-weekly. Takes less than two minutes but had allow me to accomplish incredible goals.