If you had never spend time identifying your different workflows, there is a huge chance you may self-sabotage them. (if you have identify them, pay attention so you don’t do it)
Identify our workflows is hard, but important. A good workflow can help you accomplish so much, and when you are aware of it, you can even set measures to protect it.
I write every morning. I try to make that the first thing of the day. 4:30A.M. It took me a little bit to understand that if I leave not only the desk ready but a clear definition of what I am going to write that morning, what happen is I waste an incredible amount of time. I self-sabotage my workflow. I then get the great idea of go online, check stuff that I shouldn’t and more.
If instead everything is ready, I sit, and write. So I pay attention to those things and leave it ready. Pay attention to the Workflow so I can be more effective.

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