Book Review: The Muir House

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Now to the Review…
Secrets… Secrets…  Many people have them, most people do their best to keep them that way, secrets are supposed to stay that way, until they don’t anymore.
But this story is not only about the secrets, even that, you will hunt the secret with Willa for a long time during the novel, but more to find home, the real home.
There was one thing I really enjoy about Willa, her determination, after she decided that she need it to discover the truth, uncover the secret, fill the void, she did not stop, she look for it, and hunt it down. That’s most likely the most important lesson of this book, and one of the reasons I enjoy this very much.
I enjoy reading this book, the story allow you to move forward, to hope that Willa answer all those questions, make you think, laugh and cry. Each chapter give you a clue, and make you feel one step closer.
This is one of those books, that will make you think about your life, while I don’t had Willa’s life, it make me think on my own, on the good things, on the things I miss, and the secrets that were kept from me over the years.

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