Day 2 – 12 days of Christmas! Ebook Edition

Today is the second day of the Indie Book Collective book blowout!
For the next twelve days you can enjoy many books for just 99¢ each.
You don’t need a Kindle to read them, Amazon has a Kindle App for almost any platform including Mac and PC.
Everyday there is a group of feature authors, and more titles that what you can begin to imagine!
Today’s Featured Titles:
Featured YA Titles

The Legacy of Kilkenny – Devyn Dawson
NoahZark – D. Robert Pease
Born a Refugee – Dixiane Hallaj
Bandits – LM Preston
Nate Rocks – Karen Pokras Toz

Featured Mainstream/Literary/Historical Titles

The Color of Heaven – E.V. Mitchell
Jockeys and Jewels – Bev Pettersen
Looping for Love – Ginney Etherton
Driving to Bel Air – William G. Jones
The Cahokian – Zoe Saadia

Featured Science Fiction and Fantasy

Doodling – Jonathan Gould
Plato’s Gateway – Brian Jeffreys
Fezariu’s Epiphany – David M. Brown
Timepiece – Heather Albano
Excelsior – George H. Sirois

Featured Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Rook – J.C. Andrijeski
Vampire Vacation – C.J. Ellison
Secrets – Liz Schulte
Wanted – Amber Scott
Alone – Marissa Farrak

Also, you can win a new Kindle plus $100 on gift cards!
So stop reading here, and go to Indie Book Blowout and have a blast!

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