My daughter is learning the sound of the letters at school. Last Sunday, as we where getting ready for the week, we notice that next week was the turn for the letter “e”, it was the “e week” for my daughter school. So I ask what she want to bring, and she said: “e, e, e, egg!” (first imitating the sound of the letter and then the word)
I began continue to get ready and place an egg on the range, with a plastic egg timer and forgot to put the alarm.
The result of the story you can imagine, hours later, the water that boiled, leaving a really hot pan, with a couple of eggs and a plastic egg timer burning.
The good thing, is that nothing, other than a ruined pair of eggs, an egg timer and a pan happened.
It’s always a good habit to put a cooking timer (I didn’t this time, shame on me) when you are not staying in the kitchen, I forgot this time, and I am bless that nothing happened, because the idea frightens me.


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