The Random Post: Microsoft Office and the iPad – Vapor Ware or a late correction

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Interesting that I pick to write about Microsoft mistakes with Word and Excel regarding the iPad. Later on the day The Verge announced that Microsoft is planning on bringing Word and Excel for Android and iOS. According to The Verge, march 2013. Microsoft it is going to need to be incredible competitive in the price, or bring a set of features that are going to be unique; but based on Office for Windows RT, it is not going to be. It is going to be a failure, or a cheap program, anything over $10 it is going to be dead on the water.
Why so late? Why now? Who knows. At this moment is vapor ware and we will need to see if anything happen, and if Microsoft it is going to bring anything attractive.
This is also an opportunity to Apple to update and improve their Pages/Numbers Platform, and make it a really strong product, but I am not sure that will happen either. For know I am so glad I discover how nice is to write in Plain Text Files!