TIP #42: Keeping Medical Records

Blood type of your daughter? Your own? Your Wife? Any known allergies?
Do you have any of those answers at hand? If you get any of those questions, you will freeze. Fear is going to be real.
Write down the relevant stuff on the medical history of the people close to you, and make sure you ask to those you may need to take care of. Ask the kind of medicine your parents take.
This information it is simple to find right now, it is scary when you need it and don’t have it.
Don’t wait to collect this when it is an emergency, be prepared, and be ready. You will thank yourself.
i.e. I have on the iPhone a memo per each member of our household, with Allergies, Blood Type and any medicine they are currently taking. I even ask my parents when they visit to update their own memo note. I had been blessed that I had never use it on a real emergency, but I had seen so many people that had no clue; you don’t need the extra stress on the emergency.

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