If your password is Love123, please stop reading this and change it. I am serious. (if it is 1234567890123, you must know that that password and no password is the same, even no password may be safer)
Most of our life is online. Identity theft is a scary reality. We can access bank, retirement, and so much information online, that it is scary that people use those poor passwords.
There are many applications like 1Password, I use to have SplashData for years before I move to 1Password. Doesn’t matter which one you use, the important is that you use complex and long passwords that can help to kept you protected.
I use 1Password and even create them for me, store them, and allow me to access from anywhere. Not only that, if you try to break in, after X attempts the file on that device is deleted. Something that I am glad it does.
If you go online, you should:
1.- Have real passwords.
2.- Store them on an application like 1Password.
3.- Change them at least twice a year (I like to do it during Daylight Saving time)
It’s important to have real and secure passwords. It’s important to have them in a secure location. It’s important that you don’t use the same password everywhere.

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