@Journal. (Having a Journal Context)

It’s not a secret that I love contexts, and that I believe that when you lose the fear that most people have and begin using all the context you need, your system tend to allow you to move even faster.
Some years ago, I create a context that I called @Journal. The content of this is things that I want to journal, that I want to think about it, that I want to write and reflect about. As I am writing this, I have seven entries. This are seven things that I want to spend time journaling on, I am not looking to a compromise, or a quick response. I am looking just to remind myself that once in a while, it is important to go over this topics.
Some days I can open my journal application (I use DayOne on the iPad and iPhone) and just write and write. Others, I can stare to the white screen. Are on those days that I open OmniFocus and get to my @Journal Contexts.
I enjoy Journaling, and I understand that having that context allow me to re-visit and be intentional about what somedays I am going to write, but also had been an incredible way to work on stuff and found answers that otherwise I don’t know if I would had work hard and long enough to get. Most time it is hard to Journal, at least for me, the dialog that comes from there sometimes is hurtful, but eventually the clarity that produce is magical.
Do you journal? Have you ever consider having your own @Journal context to remind you of stuff that you should journal about? Try it, it’s painful the process, but magical the answer.