TIP#29: Create a Paper Mail Routine.

Most of the people I know that had piles of papers is because they had no routine. They get home, pick the mail and drop it on the first surface and the pile begins.
Don’t pick the mail until you are ready to process it. If you pick the mail and begin creating the pile, all that you will generate is the nagging feeling that you are not doing that. Sometimes, you simply can’t take care of that, and it is OK, but make sure you don’t create stress that you don’t need.
Stop for a moment and think what it is that routine, make sure you do it, that way you don’t create the pile. It is hard to get rid of those piles.
i.e. The mailman had knock our door on more saturdays that I care to admit. If I can work my routine, I leave it there, otherwise I know it will create a pile, that simply will grow.