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I want to refer to an article I found this weekend, that was a great inspiration for me, the article was published on Write to Done (http://writetodone.com/2009/06/05/a-forgotten-key-to-blogging-success/)and was write by Glen Allsopp (@PluginID).
Any adventure you embark as an entrepreneur is full of fears, doubts and hopes, and sometimes we let those fear and doubts get in the middle of those hopes. I am aware, that I struggle with the english language, I have a good friend of mine tell me that my english expires at 3:30pm, after that all bets are off.
When I begin writing here, some of my friends first comment was my english was going to make me loose readership, and will hurt the message I was trying to send, to the point that I have been asking a great friend or my wife to read and correct my post before they get published. This has generated two issues, that I was not aware of when I ask for help. Number one is the time that takes to post anything since I have lost that inspiration since I am afraid of the mistakes, I am afraid to post in a moment noticed and that fear has also play a role in the frequency of posts. Second has take a toll on my self confidence for this adventure.
After I read Glen post, specifically after he mention Alvin Phang and Steve Pavlina, I stop and reflect. This is my adventure, I am not great at this, yet. I am working to get there, I am working to improve my english, my posts, my grammar; but my message and my content will only improve over time and as a organic evolution.
From this point on there will be grammatical mistakes, I will continue struggling with my english and I hope you can bear with this and stay. Otherwise, I hope you return when my english is good enough for you, I will focus more on the content, on the advice, on the message.
Thanks in advance to the ones that will stay, and I hope the best of luck to the ones that will not, and I hope that I can bring them back in the future.
All this thinking remind me of the following:
At the beginning you will maybe be not that great, at the end, maybe you will continue without been that great. In the middle you should work hard to have a great journey!
Augusto Pinaud

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