I spend a whole chapter on my book 25 Tips for Productivity explaining why, there is nothing more uncommon that the wrongly called: Common Sense.
We think on common sense things that we are familiar and used to and that seem so basic, the problem is that those things are based on our knowledge and experience and not in anything common. We expect that since our experience had show us how obvious that is, we think everyone have the same knowledge.
Be careful, avoid things that are common sense and never assume that because you think it is, that thing or action actually is. Always assume is not.
i.e. One of my favorite examples is the seatbelt on a plane. You get into a plane and before they indicate what you should do, you do it. They explain it on the hall and many get frustrated. It is obvious, it is common sense. In reality is not, it may be that you have the knowledge and experience, for some that’s a new experience.

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