20130224-073042.jpgI want a gazebo like that. I would love to write on a place like that. Like and would love are interesting things, but dangerous when we confuse it with a need. You may like the Gazebo, you may love to have one like that but you don’t need one to write.
Writers, who are great procrastinators, (don’t ask how I know that) love to get excuses not to. We never have the perfect conditions and it is because the lack of those conditions that we don’t write.
The reality is that if you want to write, you will write. You don’t need Neil Gazebo to do it. You need to confront the fear that is producing the excuse to not write. Even if Neil himself come to your house and install his Gazebo there, you will not write.
Writing had nothing to do with Gazebos, or good coffee, or good software. Writing is about siting and have a conversation with your worst critic, yourself. Writing is about looking inside of your own soul, listen to the critic inside of you and suck anyway. I have never met a writer that sit and think the wonderful job they are doing. There is no space for that in your soul. (Don’t ask me why, but if you found the answer, please share it with me)
Regardless if you found the perfect software, the perfect coffee, the perfect paper with the perfect pen in the perfect gazebo, in order to write you need to look into your soul, listen to the critic inside of you and suck anyway.

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