6 things my baby remind me about Entrepreneurship

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Vincent Van Gogh First Steps
Our baby is learning to walk, she is able to hold to things and move around. She is a fast crawler, but walking is the next step for her, she look at us proud when she stand up. Last night was not the exception on that, I was watching her, and suddenly hit me, watching her remind me something about entrepreneurship.
This are the six things that she remind me about entrepreneurship:
1.- Be proud of your accomplishments, even if when you have not reach the objective yet. Every time she standup, she looks proud of herself, on Entrepreneurship is the same, be proud of your accomplishments, even when they appear to be minor, and you can easily repeat them.
2.- Crawling is familiar, but standing up allow you to have a better view. She is a fast crawler, but she insist on standing up, she insist on seeing the world as a big girl. Don’t wait to be a big girl, learn, practice and experience the world as if you were, will be less painful when you get there.
3.- No matter how many times you fell, you try again. It amazes me, every time she feel, she just get back to whatever she is using as a support and standup again. The Entrepreneur route is hard, if you are not ready to fail, better don’t try it. You will fell and fail in the way of the Entrepreneur, but you will also succeed and celebrate.
4.- Sometimes is ok, to Crawl to move faster. Even that you are learning to do new things, sometimes is ok to crawl to move faster, but remember to get back to trying to walk again, so you get other opportunities. As an Entrepreneur, you will need to get to old ways to accomplish certain things, but remember to evolve, all those should be temporarily, and make sure that they are not for-life-temporarily.
5.- Hold yourself to a guide, but you must try to walk by yourself. She can’t walk by herself yet, but she is trying hard. She hold herself to something and try to walk all the time. When an Entrepreneur begin, it is really hard to sustain the adventure by itself, it is ok to hold to your old job, or your security, but do not let the dream go away, do not forget to try to walk by yourself.
6.- No matter how hard walking looks, if you try hard, eventually you will make it. I remember when she try the first times to stand up, was a challenge, was difficult, but she try, try again, and again. Now she stand up fast and easy. Remember, your adventure at the beginning will be hard, but only trying again and again will make it look easier.
Entrepreneurship is difficult, is as difficult as it is for my daughter to learn to walk, but she is trying hard, and you should try hard too. Again if you are not going to try hard, why even try in the first place?

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