I am listening voices. I am a writer.

Creating stories can be incredible challenging or incredible rewarding and fun. The problem is that not all the time you can simply create, some time you hear voices, you listen to the voices you want or need, sometimes the voices you hear are telling you a story you don’t understand, and when you obsess on the story you want to hear, you get blocked. Writers called this Writers Block.
I have been working on a terror story for an Anthology for Halloween, and this weekend I was looking to finish my terror story, but the voices were fun, they were laughing, they were not in any way terrifying. So I ignore them. I could not write a word on the story.
Tonight, I stop trying to extract the story I want, stop trying to force the story out of the voices, and  be more of a listener. I stop, I did not try to listen to write the story I want it to tell, but to listen to the story they were telling me, and there it was, in the laughs, were the cry, the tears, the fear, the angst that I have been looking the whole weekend, but the one I could not find while trying to write the story.
I am a writer, but I am also a stubborn person, a really stubborn one that insist on ignore all the things that he had learned over the years, that ignore all the time that the voices he hear are not going to tell him what he want to hear, but what they need to tell.
When I am writing short stories or long fiction, every time I insist in listen to the story I think I want to hear, I get blocked, I can’t write, I simply get stuck into this place where the voices only repeat what I am trying to ignore, what they are trying to tell me, and it’s not until I stop ignoring them that the story comes out.
Finally, after two days stuck, I did what I should have done long ago, decided to get quiet, and listen, instead of wait for the story I want it to hear, I sit and wait for the story the voices were looking to tell me. A soon as I stop expecting what the voices should tell me and begin listening to what they want to tell me, the story begin to flow, and the voices began to share with me again.
I have been listening to voices ever since I learn that I could write, as a writer I mean, and they had been quiet every time I had decided that I am not a writer, or that I should quit writing, or when I ignore what they are telling me because I want to hear something else. For some reason I only listen to these voices while the hat of the writer is on, and then quiet themselves when I am not willing to listen, those times they simply stop talking to me.
I am listening voices, my excuse is that I am a writer, what is yours?

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Augusto Pinaud

Augusto Pinaud es Coach de Tecnología de Productividad Bilingüe, Especialista en Nozbe Teams. Augusto trabaja con dueños y gerentes de pequeñas empresas, ejecutivos y profesionales en productividad, tecnología y mejora de procesos utilizando una variedad de tecnologías de productividad.

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