Bestseller For A Day August 17th – In Leah’s Wake (You can Win a Kindle, and a great reads)

Today, August 17th, is Terri Giuliano Long’s big day! Her award-winning novel “In Leah’s Wake” is getting best seller of the day status. Best Seller of the Day is a program by Indie Book Collective and you can learn more here.
Continue reading and you have the opportunity to get not only a great read, but the chance to win a Kindle!
Let me tell you how this work:
It’s easy AND fun! Today through midnight:

1.  Go to and purchase Terri’s eBook In LEAH’S WAKE for only 99 cents! You can also get some of the four fantastic bonus books, on sale this week ONLY for just 99¢ each: BELLA, THE TRUST, SOPHIE & CARTER, and CHASING AMANDA

2. Every purchase improves Terri’s ranking on the overall Amazon chart. Our goal is to get her eBook, out of the millions of eBooks, onto the Kindle Top 100!
3.      Once you purchase her book, head over to the Bestseller For A Day site and enter to win a brand new KINDLE – Terri’s way of showing appreciation for your effort and support!
4.      Wait! There’s more! How about this? 4 MORE AMAZING reads – only 99¢ each! BELLA, by D.C. journalist Steve Piacente, a hotbed of danger and intrigue in the U.S. Military. THE TRUST by Sean Keefer, an award-winning, knock-your-socks-off legal thriller. CHASING AMANDA, a luminous, must-read thriller by award winner Melissa Foster. And, last but definitely not least, SOPHIE & CARTER, a rocking YA romance by Wonder Woman Chelsea Fine, one of Amazon’s hottest new authors!
5.  If you’re still reading here and not sure you should part with that buck and maybe win a brand new KINDLE, you can go to Amazon and check the 45 reviews of this book that may change your mind. (Did I mention that they are 4 to 5 stars reviews)
If you don’t have a kindle, you can download the Kindle app on almost any device (or read in your browser with the new Kindle Cloud) what are you waiting for, this book will move your heart!…

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