This is another cool list, Next time in Chicago, Next time in Ikea, Next time in Indianapolis, Next time in Miami, Next time in Mexico City and more.
Some of this I don’t use in months or even years. My last trip to Mexico City was on 2008. The list have the restaurants I like, and people I care, and things that may be cool to bring as a present to people I know there. I even have a list of friends that live in Mexico City. I may or may not contact them, but in the next trip I can see the options, and decided.
As another example is our Next Time in Ikea list. We live four hours away from the closest Ikea. So when we see stuff that will be cool to check, we write it down. Next time we get there, we may or may not buy anything on that list, but the interesting thing is that most of the stuff on the list we already forgot that we add it to it.
i.e. I love go back to cities and eat on that incredible restaurant, I never remember names, but there are always on the Next time In… of the city I am visiting.

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