A new direction for this blog

I have been thinking what to do with this blog for a little while. Yes, close it and abandon it had been an option, also for a while. Even if you check, the last time I was here was around December 13, 2011 and I am not apologizing for it.
I am a writer, but I didn’t want to talk about being a writer, or how to write or why I should be writing, there is so many people doing such a wonderful job that I don’t want to get there. I am also a reader, I love technology and many other stuff, but had been unsure on how to work this blog. I even consider for a moment to open another set of blogs so I have a place to talk about writing, a place that I can go and talk about productivity and a place when I can vent about technology and more.
This is suppose to be a place for me to post about my writings, my books and more. Then I began to think about what I would like to see from my favorite writers, and then it hit me, this is a place that people should see what I see, where people should learn what I enjoy, but from the eyes of a Fiction Writer, my own eyes. This is a place that will work as a hub when I want to talk about productivity, or my fiction writing, or how cold or hot is the weather where I live.
So for 2012 I decided that I will do 2 weekly short blogs, Tuesday and Thursday. This is the first one. What I am going to talk? I am not even sure, and almost doesn’t matter. I may talk bout my books, my story, technology or the fact that I am at home dealing with our baby or the dogs that I love and drive me crazy at the same time. I will also will talk about my books, my frustrations with my own stories, and more.
I am looking to show that behind a writer, and more specifically this writer, there is a human, for the first time since I begin blogging, I had give myself the permission to have fun.
So in 2012, I plan to have fun with the blog, and write short or long, sad or not, but more importantly have fun.