Another one bite the dust!

Last week I finish the first draft of my next novel. The tittle it is on revision, since things move in directions that I wasn’t expecting, and therefore the old title may or may not fit.

This new story is the continuation of my last book Putsch that was published on December 5th and had been so far enjoy it by many.

On that original story, Hannah Fisher is the name of the main character, she is a hired-for-kill assassin; and life give her an unexpected twist when she fall in love with victim of one of her crimes. There is a lot of adventure, this is a fast paced book, and also include a couple of conspiracy theories on a country in Latin America. On this second story we get more into the inside of Hannah while she is looking to get even with her old boss, or the person that use to hired her for most of her jobs, including her last set of adventures in Latin America.

The novel take a set in Panama, Mexico, Colombia, United States and Spain, again in a fast paced novel full of adventure and twists.

Now comes the fun, see how much of that you write need to be deleted, and how much is useful, and how much you need to re-write. I will be working on that the next weeks, and I am sure I will be reporting here what it is happening with the book and Hannah!

If you are interesting in read the book, it’s available on ebook and paperback in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo and Sony eReader.