An unexpected surprise with the iPad

I have been reading ebooks since the Palm III, at that time in a green screen, to the color and beautiful screen of the iPad. I am an avid reader, and honestly love spend time reading, but when I got the iPad last Saturday I was not expecting that the iBooks application that apple release was going to create a significant shift on my liking for read books. I am heavily invested in books in the Kindle, as I was in the past in books from eReader, so this is not the first time that I am not willing to move outside of my platform to embrace a new one.

Image Courtesy of Apple

The problem was that I never tough on two page reading until Apple put it in from of me, the Kindle, does not do that on the iPad yet, I even went and send an email and I hope they modify their application to accomplish this, otherwise, on the summer, when the iBooks application gets into the iPhone as offer by Steve Jobs today on the Apple Event, I will be leaving the Kindle behind, and move to iBooks.
Honestly, read there was a pleasure, actually, was so nice, that I am reading at this time two books, one in iBooks and one in the Kindle, one I can read anywhere, the other only on my iPad, but the two pages is such a treat (and I am carrying my iPad anyways all the time for now) that doesn’t matter.
Again I really hope that the Kindle, gets updated soon, and provide this same two pages layout. In case of doubt, I have found more than one complaint on this on Twitter, so I know I am not the only one.
In the mean time, I am going back to read on my iPad and continue enjoying one of those ePub books that I put there myself.