I am back! and NanoWrimo 2010

I abandon this blog, not because I didn’t wan to write it, but because I need it to figure it out what I was trying to get out of it.
This blog, is my pace for write about my journey as a writer, my love for productivity, technology and once in a while personal stuff. I don’t know if later I may need to open another place to write about more specific projects, or I will just mix it here with everything.
In the mean time, this is what it is.
Now let’s talk about NanoWrimo 2009 and NanoWrimo 2010. I won NanoWrimo 2009, my novel, that is almost done, let’s clarified it is all finish, all my drafts are done, I wrote it in NanoWrimo, put it in the trash, write it again, put it in the trash again, and the third draft had been re-write 3 times, this last version I like, and I hope it works, now is in the hands of my pre-editor and later will be in the hands of the test readers. So I will be spending NanoWrimo 2010 on a new adventure, and maybe I am lucky and took me less time to finish it, and with a better quality. A writer can hope.
Beginning tomorrow, I will begin posting my word count for NanoWrimo, plus I am planning to use this as a launch platform for more information on my Writing Career and adventures.