I did it!

Do you remember the first time you tell yourself ‘I did it!’ I honestly don’t, and I am sure many people can’t, we stop playing too soon.
This weekend, I saw my daughter buckle herself into her car seat for the first time, took us longer to leave the house, but she was so proud of herself, she was so proud that she made it out, she was so proud that she was able to do it for herself, and I was extremely proud.
Kids are capable of anything, they fear nothing, they know no limits. All those limits, fears and things that we are incapable of, came into our head, later on, came into our hearts as we grow up, as we develop ourselves, as we simply grow up.
We limit ourselves, and allow the fear to take over us, to to make us weak, to create a weak link, and in general make us associate with weak links too. It is time we break the weak link chain and begin building a strong chain, without the limitations, and the fears and the doubts.
If you have those, keep them close, but act anyways, the only failure you can commit is not do it, fail doing it is already a success, not try is the only possible failure, the rest are just the effort you need to make to get there.