Once again NO eBook, NO Sale

I love eBooks and had been a big proponent of them, actually I had basically quit buying paper books, no eBook, sorry no reading of your content and no sale. I read on my iPad, I don’t care if it is a PDF, Kindle Format, ePub, Mobi, or Barnes and Noble Format, but make sure your book get’s to eBook, honestly NO eBook, NO Sale.
I am an avid reader, I read over 50 books per year, (this year I am set as November 1 on I have finish 63 books) if you want to know more check my shelfari profile, and continue getting surprise for those writers that don’t produce eBooks and even more for those Publishing Houses that doesn’t embraced.
I understand that I am an early adopter, I have been reading eBooks since the Palm Pilot days, early 1990’s, but come on, eBooks are hitting the masses, Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, and any other phone and table, walk into a Target store, into a Walmart, the ebooks are in the masses.
My prediction is that Paperback books are going to disappear, so people will get Hardback or eBooks, in my opinion the Paperbacks are going to be like the Walkman or the Betamax; something from the Past.
The sad part with this, is the amount of Writers and Publishing Houses that had not embrace the eBooks, this week I was looking to read a book from Enid Blyton, more especifically I was looking to read some on the ‘Secret Seven‘, the first series I remember that I fell in love with.
Well I can find some of the books, in PAPER! no Seven Secrets on eBooks, at least on the US, actually if you search her on the Nook, or Apple Store or the Kindle, you will find 5 or less eBooks. People if you are not familiar with Enid Blyton, let me bring to you this small statistic from Wikipedia.


This is a well known and wide printer author. This is the problem, NO eBook, NO Sale seems simple, but it is not, Steve Jobs proved to all of us, that people is willing to pay for legal music, Jeff Bezos prove to us that people want to read eBooks, now let’s stop and think about this for a second…
People want to buy legal ebooks, in the same way they buy legal music, and Publishers, Writer, Estates of dead Writers are not allowing this, JK Rollings, the author of Harry Potter had being against her books to be on eBooks, guess what, they get online faster than the publisher can placed in the store, and people had download them by the millions, not only that, many people that would read them again, will not until it can be done on eBook.
I stop buying DVDs a while ago, Betamax and VHS long time ago, CDs long time ago, LPs even more, and I am buying less and less paperbooks year by year, and I am reading more and more.
The phenomenon of Globalization that I study is high school is not a phenomenon any more, and publishers, and writers need to understand this, it is not a series of micro economies, it is a global economy, and if you want me to read your book, need to be available so I can read it in the format I want, otherwise, I don’t care about you.
Again my prediction is that Paperback books are going to disappear, and with that the writers that are not producing eBooks, there will be a nice memory, and will be re-readed when Project Gutenberg provide the text for the readers.