What happen when the Hero: fail

We are all heroes, many people simply don’t know they are. People that try to be more productive, that clean their inbox, track commitments and do stuff are heroes.
What happen when the Hero: fail.
Think for a moment when your favorite hero simply failed. Superman didn’t stop. Batman returned. Harry Potter came to finish the job.
You only failed when you quit, when you decide not to come back, when you stop fighting. You may have setbacks, many of them, more than the amount that see humanly possible to have, but only failed when you quit.
One of my favorite quotes from Earl Nightingale said:

“Success is simply a matter of luck, ask any failure”

So before you decided that it is time to quit, that there is no sense in continue on the battle, that simply it is too much, stop for a moment and think how your favorite hero would have done. After you get that clear image, remember that you are also a hero for someone, and act accordingly.

TIP #85: Your Daily Bag

Have you ever notice how many people have a crappy bag for their daily use? In many cases a bag they don’t enjoy. A bag they dislike. I know it is incredible for me too, but it is the rule.
Think about your needs, what you carry with you. What you need to carry. What you will want to carry. Close your eyes, imagine color, texture, smell, size. Make the image in your head with as much detail as you can possibly can.
If you open your eyes, close them again, and load that dream bag with all the stuff you carry with you.
Now, see your daily bag. I guess you can imagine the next step. It is time to search for that bag in your dreams.
i.e. Vintage Brown Leather… The closest I have got to my dream is this bag. MacCase Flight Jacket 13″. (http://www.mac-case.com/Leather%20Site/MacCasePLJackets.html)
It is an expensive one, and I have not bought it yet, I continue using the closets thing to that, my old and trusty Swiss Army Architecture 1.0 bag that had with me since early 2000’s; but someday I will upgrade to that image… (The only thing my current bag doesn’t have is that Vintage Brown Leather…)