TIP#4: Using a pump bottle to do Laundry

20130102-130644.jpgHow many times have you measured to do the laundry just to end up with a mess all around? (In my case many times) That’s until I found a pump bottle. Now I make a mess once a month or less (When I refill this pump bottle with my favorite brand of laundry soap, as well as the other products)
In my case I got a bottle of a brand called “Method” Use the first time and then replace with my favorite brand. I measure once, and now I know (and it is written in the bottle) that it is 4 pumps for Tide, 7 for Downy, and 5 for Clorox. I never again need to measure or create a mess around the washer.

i.e. The hardest part after emptied the bottle was to discover how many pumps I need for each product. (Pump into the measuring cap only once)