Here is my Plan A. I don't need another one.

Impossible is not a fact. Its an opinion.
Muhammad Ali

I grow up around many impossibles, for some reason many of my dreams where. I had been open to the fact that for many years I follow Plan B and Plan C because Plan A was impossible.
Actually it was, it is impossible to accomplish something you don’t work hard and constantly on. After I begin working hard to accomplish Plan A, I discover that planning for the impossible and accomplish it, is one of my favorite things to do.
As kids we don’t understand limits, we will be able to play basketball professionally, go to the moon, or be the best cop. Later we go into growing up on this idea of impossible, and later even begin to believe that not only impossible is real but the only reality.
I understand it is going to be hard, challenging and almost impossible. My bet is that if you work hard and constantly you will one day be an Overnight Success!
(Most Overnight Success work hard, for years and years on something that was impossible)

TIP#25: Do not need list

In my Book 25 Tips for Productivity I get into detail on this list, but it is basically my tool against consumerism and myself. I write in this list all those things that I don’t need that I will try to convince myself that I should buy. (more than what I am going to admit)
This list is a key for me, to not buy unnecessary stuff. There is stuff that I want to have, just because. That stuff is in that list.
i.e. The Convertible, two doors is in that list. Had a convertible already. The image in my mind of the convertible, never match the reality in my case, but for some reason, I often think I should get one.