TIP #9: Using Guided Assistance on the iPad/iPhone as a Focus Tool

I have wrote previously about this. My main machine is an iPad. Most of my work is contained into the iOS ecosystem. The reality is that like everyone I know, somedays I need help focusing, it is when my iPad (or even the iPhone) comes to the rescue.
Need focus on the iPhone or the iPad. Activate Guided Assistance (SETTINGS/GENERAL/ACCESSIBILITY) and next time you need to focus on something but your mind is to scattered, simply triple click on the home button, activate, and work with the assurance that the extra step will serve as a reminder of your real purpose.
i.e. Even when active, I will get distracted, but the fact that I need to enter the password and require one more step is in general enough for me to keep me in task.

Working on MY iPAD: New Keyboard: Logitech K810

Last december I decided to replace the Apple Bluetooth keyboard that I have been using since I got my original iPad. The reason was the Logitech K810.
I had been jelaous of the Mac Book Air iluminated keyboard for a while. I sit in my office at 4:30 A.M. and having light on the keyboard is really cool. Aside of that, it does 2 more things that really make a killing on the Apple keyboard.
First it has an ON-OFF switch. I know you can turn the Apple keyboard off, but it had turn on in the bag more than what I am willing to admit. This one has an actual switch, works fantastic.
Second allow you to use the same keyboard with up to three devices, and do fast switch between them. As my iPad is my main machine, my iPhone aside. I can now use the keyboard in one or the other, hiting F1 and F2. The switch is fast, and incredible convinient.
Those where the three reasons to get this keyboard, Lighted Keyboard, an ON-OFF Switch and the ability to use it in more than one device.