TIP#21: Always put a timer when putting things on the stove

We ignore the potential risk of putting things on the stove and go to our next task. Always put a timer when putting things on the stove, it may save your life.
I had burned my fare share of stuff on the stove, mostly because I get distracted on more important stuff, or more fun stuff, or simply because I pay little attention. I have toss pans and more. The last time that happen the house stank for days.
20120304-232536i.e. My daughter need it to bring something that began with the letter “E” the next day, and I decided to send her with an “egg”. I put the Pan, the egg and totally forgot about it. I went to bed and honestly if our French Mastiff had not make a mess that night, our house may had burned down (She is not Lassie, but that night behave like it, except that I could not understand her, until I reached the kitchen). It was a wake up call. Since, every time I put anything on the stove, I put the timer.
i.e. This was the result of that night.