Managing ourselves as if we where two year old

“Ninety percent of what we call ‘management’ consists of making it difficult for people to get things done.”
– Peter Drucker

The most interesting thing is that, most of the time, we are based on this definition, “managing” ourselves.
When I get asked why I work on little tricks instead of big theories, is simply because I had learn that I should work hard to simplify the rules that guide my life. I have said:

In Productivity, most of the time, if it works for a two year old child, will work for us

We go to this complex setup, complex system, complex rules, when we should go exactly on the opposite direction, our own rules need to work for a two years old, otherwise, must likely, eventually they will fail.
For some reason, we have been convinced that we need more, more complexity, more layers, more information, more work, more money, more of anything if nothing else.
The problem is that as part of the trick, no one has told you that if you just want more, you are never going to be happy. Yes, you will have more of all those things that money can get, but not enough of those that you really and deeply care.
We get our lives so complex, that we forget how to slow down and enjoy the simply things. We have this tendency that things need to be hard, complex and difficult in order to believe they are worth.
What if we try the opposite approach? What if we try to simplify our life? To have simply setups? simple rules? We live our life as we will try to make a two year old happy. You will discover it is also a challenge, you just will laugh and have fun more often.

TIP #15: Scan all those membership Cards. (a.k.a CardScan)

Do you have the Pharmacy Membership Card, YMCA, Groceries (most likely two or three, like me) Lego Store, Library, Panera… You get the idea. Each one of those great membership plans give you this nice card that you can put in your wallet (and end up with a George Constanza Wallet) or a keyring one (and end up like Saint Peter but without any keys, only memberships.) This is what happen, you carry the ones you use the most. It is uncomfortable. The rest of them, you get a new membership every time or forfeit the reward.
I use an app for the iPhone called CardScan that allow me to Scan all those bar codes, and carry them all on my pocket. Most places can scan directly from the phone screen or simply type the numbers. No more cards, no more forfeit rewards, no more George Constanza Wallet either. At this writing, I have over 100 cards.
Before I found CardScan, I used my smartphone (Treo650) and took a picture and carry them that way. Most likely the picture is not going to work to be scanned, but they will be able to type the numbers.