TIP #10: Writers: Create a Writing Environment.

Many of my friends writers as well as people that aspire to be one (the difference is simple, the first one is actually writing constantly, the second one is talking about it constantly) need to create a Writing Environment. Sit for a moment and considering what you will need to sit and write. What will make a perfect writing session?
A Computer? Paper? Silence? Music? Coffee? Tea? This is as important as the writing act per se. Until you learn to create a Writing Environment, you will most likely not write, not for any other reason, that your mind will distract you on how nice will be to have this or that.
i.e. Mine is simple, I need Water, Coffee (Double Espresso, no sugar please.) and LOUD music. Therefore I carry headphones and the music on my iPhone with me constantly. I can create a Writing Environment almost anywhere. (even with bad coffee)