TIP #12: Get rid of DVDs and Movies in General

How many DVDs do you have in your living room? your bed room? the other TV? We use to have more than 120. When we where childless they were even alphabetically organized. (Guess what, I had that time) After our daughter was born, it was more or less a big mess. Spending hours sorting so she could knock them out because they where accessible for her, wasn’t fun at all for me. I begin converting all our movies into digital. Guess how many of those 120 you will never see again? (around 100 unless you count disney movies for your child)
The time that takes to kept clean, organized, and more it is huge. Begin converting in digital, or even better, toss them all (sell them and buy the ones you really like digital or get something like Netflix, or Amazon Prime)
A soon as you get rid of those movies, you will never again will want anything other than a digital movie, even if that means buy it more than once.